A traffic citation can upend your day. The stop is stressful enough, but now you must resolve issues with the courts and the DMV.

Ticket Clinic offers support to customers for traffic law:

  • Moving violations like speeding tickets or failure to stop
  • Restoring your suspended license
  • Representing you through DUI charges

A traffic lawyer might be able to help you if you’ve charged with any of these five common violations.


Did you see the posted speed limit? It doesn’t matter. You must follow it anyway. Police officers may even cite you for speeding if they believe you drove faster than current road conditions permit. A speeding ticket lawyer in California might help by successfully arguing the officer’s procedures or speed detection equipment were faulty.

Red Light Violations

There are cameras are on stoplights throughout the state. That doesn’t mean that the citation you received from Robocop is valid. Machines must also follow due process and capture information relevant to a crime. Ticket Clinic’s experts know how to dispute the validity of these automated revenue generators.

Reckless Driving

It’s a subjective charge police officers make when they believe a driver behaved inappropriately. Distracted driving or swerving between lanes might get you charged with this crime, but it is up to the prosecution to prove it’s true. Doubt or confliction in statements presented by a skilled lawyer might be enough to eliminate the charge.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Define safe. This charge depends on the assumption that an accident could have happened. Officers may write this ticket when an accident did not occur. Defeating this accusation requires a skillful demonstration of conditions proving defendants acted appropriately.

Following Too Closely

Officers write this ticket for tailgating, but true distances are often hard to determine. A successful defense strategy casts doubt on the officer’s observations and your interaction with other drivers.

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