Portable power units are becoming more prevalent in today’s day and age.

 With the vast amounts of portable power technology available for mechanics and engineers, automobiles and aircrafts are advancing at a rapid pace. For instance, one can find a railroad locomotive starter that is designed to not only provide an adequate amount of power, but can also supply enough electricity to essentially power a building. And, in today’s society, there’s no such thing as a lack of power.


Airports around the world are also incorporating the use of portable power through specially designed GPU units. Anything from a gas electric hybrid GPU to a lithium ion starter unit, airports are continuously receiving upgrades to service planes better while also looking to minimize carbon emissions – which you are all aware of by now.

Rather than installing a GPU on a cart and have it travel to and from the airplane, many airports have installed GPUs that are built into the ground. Essentially, a central power unit provides a steady stream of voltage to all the cables that are connected to the system. By placing these units in every runway, planes can conveniently be plugged in and charged.

What’s Next?

 People love the freedom to disconnect themselves from wiring and cables that may hinder them when it comes to listening to music for example. The same can be said for the aviation and locomotive industry. The more wires and cables involved, the higher the risk of problems occurring. With new technological developments coming, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness new portable power units being implemented in global airports all around the world. The future is bright for the portable power industry and it’s only going to get brighter.

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