Car engine is an important component and major feature of a car. The engine must have clean and dust proof like any other machines. If you want your favorite car for long time and in good condition then you must use engine oil for lubrication of your car’s engine. There are numbers of motor oils available in the markets and on internet as well, which cleans and cool up the engine, lubricates it well and enhances the performance of engine and car as well. Here we are introducing some basic information about motor oils that will upgrade and lubricate the Engine of your car, but first of all you must have an idea about some important features about Motor oils before buying it, like viscosity, which consists the thickness of motor oil, additives, which activate the viscosity and cleanse up the dirt and dust, and cost and mileage, the motor oils should have low in cost but it should give you the good mileage.

Synthetic motor oils:

Synthetic oils are the best motor oils for your engine. It lubricates your car’s engine, cools it down very frequently and improves the performance of your engine.  Synthetic oils also available in full synthetic oil and synthetic blend motor oil. To choose right synthetic oil can be a tough decision, so you must ask to any expert or if you want to choose by yourself then make sure that the oil must have thick, thin motor oil never works better. You can test the synthetic oil first and then can compare with others. Make sure that select a branded one for your car’s engine.

Some synthetic oils are quite high in rate, but well in performance. Synthetic motor oils perform better in high temperature; the quality of this motor oil is quite superior regarding lubrication and density.

Conventional motor oils:

Well, if you are a good driver and do not use your car roughly or do not load any heavy material in your car then you can also select the conventional motor oil for your engine. Conventional oil is natural crude oil which has been refined from the ground. Conventional oil is cheaper in price rather than synthetic oil. You can also use conventional oil for engine, it also gives a smooth and lubricated affect to your engine, but the performance of conventional oil is less than synthetic oil. If your engine is very dirty and freeze then you must use synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic blend motor oils:

Semi synthetic oil or synthetic oil is the combination of both conventional oil and synthetic oil. It is also fine quality motor oil for engine. If you can’t afford the synthetic oil then you can go with semi synthetic motor oil. The performance of synthetic blend motor oil is similar to synthetic motor oil. But it is little bit thinner than synthetic oil. You can basically use this as exception. It also lubricates well your engine and keeps it cool and enhance the performance of your car’s engine as well.