If you’re a learner driver, you must pass your theory test before you can proceed to the practical assessment of the two-part DSA exam. This is an online test that you need to take at a test center in the country. Passing your theory test is the first step towards being a safe driver on the road.

The DSA theory test can be critical and a nerve-wrecking experience. There are 50 multiple choice questions and the Hazard Perception Test that consists of 14-short video clips. The examinee has to answer at least 43 of these multiple choice questions correctly to secure a pass mark. In the Hazard Perception Test, you will need to identify any potential road risks for the driver in the video clips shown to you. Just click on the computer screen whenever you see one.

However, some of the DSA theory questions can be tricky. Some tricky sample questions[1] are like what vehicles do bomb disposal experts use? Powered vehicles used by disabled people have a maximum speed of? In an automatic, kick down is a device for? These are just a few. But, learning from various resources online will give you a better understanding of what those questions are and their correct answers.

Before thinking about the practical exams, here are the basic aspects that you must understand so that you’re not up for any surprises on the test day.

Minimum age rules

It is only allowed to take a driving theory test if you’re minimum 17-years old. Once your provisional license becomes valid, you can easily appear for the test. It is possible to book for a test date three-months in advance of your birthday. But, you will still have to wait until your 17th birthday before you can take the test at the earliest.

Provisional license for those with disability living allowance will come into effect at age 16 only. But, you can apply for a test date three months prior to that.

The theory test

If you want to obtain a driving license, you must first be declared a safe and responsible driver to be given one by the DSA. Therefore, preparing for the test is essential. As a learner driver, you must first pass your theory exam before proceeding to the practical assessment. Passing your DSA theory test is a step closer to being a responsible driver on the road.

There are two parts to the theory test:

Multiple choice questions

This section is designed to analyze your knowledge about driving. A 15-minute practice session precedes the actual test to provide candidates with an idea of what it’s going to be like. Post that there are 50 random multiple choice questions of which you must get a minimum of 43 correct to pass the test. The total time allowed for this section is 57-minutes.

Hazard perception test

The second section of the theory test involves 14-video clips based on driving sequences. The candidate has to identify the driving hazards in each clip. This tests your awareness of these potential risks. The earlier you identify the hazard, you score a higher mark. The total score for this is 75 and an examinee must secure at least 44 to pass.

To obtain a higher marking on each of the above sections it is recommended that you prepare for the theory test. Read the essential Highway Codes and know the important traffic signs that you may encounter. Study books that provide sample questions based on the present DSA test format. Once you’re sure that you’ve covered all aspects of the exam in your preparation, you can proceed to book for a test date. Know how to book theory test online in uk here.