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Conveying Our Experience and Dedication Right to Your Door. Five Star Rated We Provide You Safe, Reliable and Convenient Auto Transport NJ to FL. Guarantee You The Best Price In The Industry.

Our Friendly Experienced Agents Are Always Available To Provide You The Highest Level Of Service. Delivering all-inclusive, expert car shipping services direct to your door.

Auto Transport for Classic Cars

Classic cars are not simply a hobby: they’re a passion. Whether you purchased your classic or collectible car from an auction or online, Dealers Choice understands that your first priority is getting it to you in safety.

We recommend that classic cars be shipped in an enclosed car carrier to avoid exposure to weather and debris from the road. Dealers Choice provides $500,000 in cargo insurance to make sure your classic automobile is protected.

Attending a classic car event? Let Dealers Choice ship your car from your driveway to the show.

Buying or selling a classic car at auction? Dealers Choice ships for all the major auctions nationwide, and our Classic Car Transport Specialist is on hand and ready to ensure that your purchase or sale gets transported without any problems.

Auto Transportation NJ for Company Relocation

You’ve been transferred. You finally got that promotion. And now you have to move your family, your home, and your car.

How? Moving can be stressful, especially when it comes to transporting your vehicle. What’s more, finding the right company to work with can be time consuming.

Take the headache out of your move and let the Dealers Choice team of Vehicle Transport Specialists handle the details of shipping your car so you can focus on moving your family and getting ready for the next chapter in your career.

Dealers Choice understands the time sensitive nature of your move, and the fact that you need someone you trust shipping your vehicle.

Our Dealers Choice Vehicle Specialist will work with you to answer any questions, and will even coordinate with your company to handle any last-minute details before the transport of your vehicle.

Some points to remember before and after your vehicle arrive:

 Never pack belongings in view inside of the car.

When you arrive at your destination, call your Dealers Choice Vehicle Specialist to let them know you have arrived and they will let you know when your vehicle will meet you.

Make sure you carefully inspect the vehicle with the driver to ensure there was no damage incurred during transport.

Lastly, you will receive a customer survey on your Dealers Choice experience and your driver’s performance. Please make sure to fill out the information completely, enabling us to continuously evaluate our carriers and our level of service to keep customers like you happy.

The Dealers Choice Way is to give you peace of mind, a sense of security, and the assurance that your vehicle is being transported by professionals who care about you and your vehicle.

The internet has created large shifts in consumer opportunities, and car buying is no exception. The number of vehicles purchased online is rapidly growing with consumers gaining greater confidence and enjoying an ever-expanding selection of reputable automotive websites.

Buying a car online is a smart decision for the financially savvy consumer who uses the internet to expand their vehicle search beyond their local area. Many consumers find the best available deal on their new or used vehicle outside their local region, making auto shipping a vital tool in securing their new ride. Oftentimes, consumers are able to find a less expensive vehicle several states away and can save money on the purchase even after including the cost of shipping the vehicle to their front door.

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