Many drivers install 4wd suspension lift kits for different reasons. However, most do it to increase ground clearance, raise the vehicle’s profile, or for the installation of larger wheels and tyres. Read on to learn more about these reasons.

Increasing Ground Clearance

Adding a suspension lift kit to a 4WD will raise the vehicle’s suspension a few additional inches. Many Aussies want to raise their ground clearance to reduce the risk of potential damage from off-road debris. When a 4×4 is raised, it can cross flooded roads and climb steep hills easily.

Raising the Vehicle’s Profile

Another reason drivers install a Tough Dog lift kit is to add some personal style to their vehicle. Raising a 4WD’s suspension will increase the vehicle’s height by a few inches, which gives the driver a literal boost above the competition.

Accommodating Larger Wheels

One of the most important reasons to install a Ford Ranger PX Suspension Lift is to allow the driver to add larger wheels and tyres. These wheels aren’t just show pieces, although they look great. Off-road wheels last longer, are tougher, and they allow 4WDs to get through rocks, mud and other rough land without problems.

Lift Kit Types

There are three types of lift kits: body lifts, suspension lifts, and leveling kits. These are explained in the sections below.

  • Body lift kits: They’re the most cost-efficient option for a driver who wants to give his or her truck additional height. Such kits often use spacers and blocks to elevate the vehicle’s body away from its frame. When adding a body lift, a driver won’t feel an appreciable difference in the vehicle’s handling, and they won’t need to adjust other parts either.
  • Leveling kits: These lift only one portion of the vehicle’s body. Most 4x4s are built in such a manner that the rear end is a bit higher than the front. If a driver wants to even things out, leveling kits may raise the front of the body to be at the same height as the rear end.
  • Suspension lift kits: These elevate the vehicle’s entire suspension, which allows the owner to install larger wheels and tyres while taking the vehicle off-road.

Other Concerns When Buying a Lift Kit

While raising a 4WD comes with certain benefits, owners should make a variety of considerations before buying 4×4 lift kits. These include driving with a lifted suspension, necessary adjustments and the legality of installing a lift kit. Consult local laws before proceeding. And make sure that the local shop you’re using know how to install it properly. For more information about lift kits and 4WD suspensions – Click here.

The Mechanics of Raised Suspensions

Raising a 4WD’s suspension means increasing its centre of gravity. In this situation, it’s possible for the vehicle to become unstable, especially in high-speed turns. A lift kit changes the way the vehicle feels, and it can take some getting used to. After lift kit installation, drivers should do a bit of practice to get a feel for the new handling characteristics before taking the vehicle off-road.

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